Mentoring: for a meaningful career

Healthy Chat Mentoring is all about adding meaning to ambition. You’ll know if this type of conversation is right for you when you find yourself thinking something like:

Life is fine, work is good, I am happy enough but  here’s the thing… I just know there’s something more; something with meaning and purpose that I’m ready right now to get involved with.’

‘Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.’ Gabor Maté

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A Healthy Chat Mentoring conversation might be about:

  • next steps in your career
  • understanding your intuition and how it works in relationship with your colleagues & workplace
  • ability to show up more authentically at home, at work, for yourself
  • a connection to the ‘inner’ you and a deeper freedom to be ‘you’
  • motivation, inspiration, clarity and transparency
  • leadership skills
  • relationship with risk – and stretching beyond it
  • life choices and relationships
  • less is often more


‘Every thought we think is creating our future.’ Louise Hay

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