Healthy Chats are innovative conversations which help you understand your relationship with your-‘self’ and thus your relationships with others. These conversations take place privately and confidentially in my studio in Dublin 6.

YOU as a client will have some idea of what you want as an outcome. Once we have spoken by phone or email, we’ll have a conversation on arrival and get straight down to a detailed conversation about the changes you’d like to see as a result of our work together.

personal mentoring in dublin 6

AS a Mentor practitioner , I am highly motivated, experienced and dedicated to:

privacy and confidentiality – safety and trust to be yourself and be listened to in a cosy warm environment.

kindness, compassion and patience  – in the language I speak, the methods I use and the strategies I teach.

respect and non-judgement – I want you to come in, be resourced and confidently move forward with life.

I trust that my clients are fully resourced for the changes they want and that, for now, the simple act of being listened to is all it takes to create the space and perspective for a successful next life chapter.

‘When we flee our vulnerability, we lose our full capacity for feeling emotion’ Gabor Maté

One-on-One 60 minute Session: €60

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